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Acoustic and Electric Guitar 

Grades Tuition or just for Fun

Have something to aim for in your learning with the graded approach

 Est. 2003. A Portsmouth based RGT tutor of Acoustic and Electric Guitar.

Online Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons

50% off first session!

Why not take some live lessons online.  Follow an internationally recognised Acoustic Guitar ( London College of Music) or Electric graded system (London College of Music).  Exams are optional. Or learn just for fun using my tuition book 'The Guitar Way'. 

Before You Start:

  • Once we have agreed to set up a no obligation introductory lesson we can test that the Zoom app works well. 
  • Install the Zoom app. I will then send you an email with a link which will take you to the Zoom 'Meeting'. We can just check positioning ect and I can answer any further queeries you may have.
  • If this is ok we can start the first lesson.
  • You would need to pay (via Paypal) for the lesson (currently £11.50 for 30mins) at least 48 hours before the lesson.

On your first lesson:

  • We can discuss your needs and what you hope to get out of the lessons.
  • I will then assess your level and we can discuss the options.
  • I will send you some materials we can use whilst we are waiting for your book to arrive.

You will need:

  • Tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

  • Built in or external webcam/camera, microphone amd speakers.

  • Good wifi eg Fibre line.  Standard ADSL lines it seems are rarely adequate now.

  • Ability to vary the position of your webcam, camera to suitable levels

  • 'Zoom' application (free download app from Google Playstore or internet).

  • Grade book appropriate to your level or a copy of The Guitar Way' book (see below).

  • A notepad (A5 or A4 size is best) and pen to write down notes and what to work on.

  • A Paypal account

For books you will need see Syllabus:

Email support:  All matters or questions regarding teaching should be done during each lesson rather than through email.  Only matters regarding payments, lesson time/date or exam arrangments should be done through email.